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Compare Operator I & Operator II

Operator II consists of functions that will assist billiard centers with the daily concerns of running a business.

The following list of features outlines the major elements of Operator II and how it can assist this sort of billiard center with its day-to-day operations.

BILLIARD CENTER FLOOR PLAN – Operator II provides the owner with the ability to setup a floor plan display of the billiard center. This will provide a graphic image of the floor plan of the room. This display is then used to start and stop tables. Tables can be put in a horizontal or vertical position on the room layout screen. The tables are color coded, so the front desk can properly assign a table to players and visually confirm whether a table is active or is available for assignment.

START & STOP TABLE PLAY – The major function of Operator II is to monitor the playing time, number of players and the number of cues being used. This function will assist the owner/operator manage the heart of the room, table and equipment rental. It will track playing time and provide total dollars owed at the end of the playing session.

PLAYER MOVES AND CHANGES – Operator II allows the ability to add, move and change the status of players. Should you have a player wanting to move to another table so he could play with friends you will be able to move this player with any and all charges accrued from the table that he is leaving. In fact, you can move all players from one table to another should the need arise without losing track of accrued charges.

RATE BLOCKS & RATE CHANGE OVER – Operator II  provides the ability to establish up to 8 different rate blocks. This is used for tables that do not share the same rate. Throughout the day you may want to change rates, once set up Operator II does it automatically.

DAILY SALES Report – Operator II provides a complete daily activity report for the owner. This report will provide total table rentals as well as any cue rentals that may take place. The report shows a complete list of sales activity for that day for use by the owner. This function also allows for graphical display of table revenue and revenue by rate block.

Table and Rate block Statistics - Operator II can give you a graphical report on table usage and revenue. This is a brilliant feature to show what tables are working best for you.


DAILY OPERATIONS LOG – A daily operations log is also provided within Operator II. This log will provide operations information within the center including table start and stop times as well as other operations information, which is helpful in running your business more efficiently.

SHIFT REPORT – This feature allows an employee to provide the owner/manager a complete report of sales while that employee was on duty. This information becomes an audit trail for the owner to see
exactly what type of sales activities took place during a specific shift. Obviously this report can be a useful tool in making important decisions regarding your center and personnel.

ITEM SALES SUMMARY-The “Item Sales Summary” shows by category and by item what has been sold for a specified time frame. This is a fantastic resource for calculating inventory needs and keeping track of what sells when. If you have the need to send this report to a corporate headquarters or home office there is an option to create a header at the top of the report identifying your facility specifically. Just go to the “Set Up” drop down menu and select preferences. On the tab marked “General” at the bottom you will see a box marked “Report Header”. Enter the text you wish to see appear at the top of the report and you’re ready to go.

ITEMS REPORT-The “Items Report”, located under the File dropdown menu is a “Master List” of sorts that allows you to see everything you have entered within all three departments and what price each item has associated with it. This report is a handy snapshot of everything you sell within your facility and what you are currently charging for it. You can store up to 1440 items within the three departments!

CUSTOMER WAIT LIST – A customer wait list is also included with your software. This will help you keep track of customers who are waiting for a table to open. A simple list that provides the names of waiting customers, the number of players with this customer and the type of table the customer is waiting for. The wait list can also be used to prioritize customer service.

PLAYER LIST-The “Player List” is found by selecting the button with a magnifying glass in the lower right portion of your Operator II screen. This screen shows you, at a glance, how many patrons you have; whom you have in your facility and what table they are assigned to. It also shows how long they have been playing. If you have assigned names to your patrons the names will appear, otherwise, the numbers automatically assigned to each player by Operator II will appear. You can sort by player name or player location.

GRACE PERIOD AND HOLD TABLE – These two unique features add versatility to Operator. If you would like to run a special promotion in your center or utilize this function for training new employees the “Grace Period” is a nice option to have. This is a predetermined length of time that you would like to have people playing on a table without charges accruing. Operator II will suspend charges for that amount of time on every table. Another great feature is the “Hold Table” function. Say someone wants to step away from playing for a short time, but doesn’t want charges to continue while they are gone – Just click on the table you wish to put on hold. The summary screen will appear and the option of holding a table will be listed. Choosing this option will cause the table to turn gray and the charges being added to the table will cease until you reactivate it.

LAST CLOSED TABLE DETAIL -The “Last Closed Table Detail” is a great resource! This screen is activated by selecting the button with a question mark on it in the lower right hand side of your Operator II screen. When this button is selected you will be prompted to select a table. All you have to do is point and click on a table. Next a screen will come up that shows you the last transaction that occurred on that table even after the table has been reactivated. You’ll know how many players, the time it was stopped, how long the table ran and a break down of individual charges accrued on the table. This is very handy when you have several tables of people who want to stop playing all at the same time. Simply stop the table, so charges stop accruing, and then query the “Last Closed Table Detail” as they check out. If you have a printer enabled you can even generate a copy of this report. No more discrepancies over whether the bill is accurate.

TRANSFER A BILL TO A PLAYER OR TABLE -Another enhancement based on client feedback is the ability to transfer a bill from one table or player to another. If “Allow a Bill to be Transferred” is selected in preferences you will be asked if you want to transfer the bill upon closing a player or table. If you select “yes” you will be instructed to select which player or table you would like to have the bill transferred to. Once confirming the transaction, the bill is transferred according to your selection.

PRESET PERIODS OF PLAY -“Presets” allow you to assign players to a table for a set amount of time. It is not uncommon for our clients to have players that wish to play for a pre-determined length of time. You now have the ability to activate a table for a number of minutes, or by time of day on a 24-hour clock. When the table is 5 minutes from the end of the preset time the lights above the table will flash. This will advise staff and players that the allotted time is almost up. At the end of the preset time the table will suspend itself, charges will stop accruing and it will remain grayed out on the screen until you close the table. If at any time during the preset you wish to modify the length of time on the table simply select “Edit Preset” in the “Edit” drop down menu and adjust the time allotted to the table.

FOOD SERVICE, PRO SHOP & BAR/BEVERAGE– Operator II comes complete with categories specially designed for managing food orders, pro shop items and bar/beverage orders. Each area breaks down into categories you customize to fit your center. These are easy to update and very simple to use. Each department has up to 480 items broken down into as many as 12 categories. That’s a total of 1440 inventory items! These sections offer the use of a “Speed Menu”. This is a screen with large, easy to see buttons for entering multiple items in a rapid fashion. At the bottom of each you can see running tallies of items you have chosen in each department while in the same transaction. This helps you in knowing individual dollar amounts for each department at the time of entry. This feature is fantastic for touch screen monitors. The “Speed Menu” is a great resource for wait-staff to have during those busy days.

TILL ITEMS - Operator II also has the ability to connect a cash drawer, pole display and receipt printer to your computer system. These three peripheral options complete a system that is very versatile and comprehensive for any sized billiard room. Your business logo can also be added to the program for use with the receipt printer. There is an additional charge to add these three peripheral features to your software system.

AUTOMATED LIGHT CONTROL – Operator II is designed to control remotely the lighting over tables throughout your billiard center. This feature requires special hardware. Lighting control is one of the most effective ways for center managers to insure they are not losing money. As such it had to be an integral part of Operator II.


Operator II is a system that will assist the billiard center operator with daily business needs. It has been designed to run under Windows 95, 98 or 2000, on a Pentium or Celeron based computer. Installation services are available by the staff at Micro Logic. We would be pleased to install your system for you and then walk you through the features of the system over the phone once the system is returned to you.

If you have questions please call us today and let our staff assist you in putting a package together that is a custom fit to your business.


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